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Creswell Crags

Last Sunday we visited a brand new location: Creswell Crags! As an archaeological park with a rich history, we were ready to travel back in time as we made our way there…

It was a packed day with lots of activities to get stuck into so we split into three groups, each headed by our very own tour guides. First, the Blue Wolves group became experts in the history of Creswell Crags. They found out how woolly mammoths, hyenas and wolves used to live right where they were standing! They also got the chance to handle real bones that had been found at the site and they carefully put them in place to make a full skeleton.

Meanwhile, the Red Hyenas group were exploring the woodlands outside. They were taught about the 4 essential survival skills: food, water, fire and shelter, and found out how early humans found these in nature. They all had a turn at hunting for a ‘woolly mammoth’ with a spear and then set out constructing shelters from wooden poles, leather and fur. For warmth, they had a demonstration of how flint and steel could be used to start a fire and had a go at using  a bow drill – a fire-making device from the Stone Ages!

The Green Reindeers group were getting creative, having a go at recreating ancient cave art techniques like iron ore handprints and charcoal wall drawings. There was also clay to sculpt and the opportunity to carve drawings into wood using a sharp stone, just like people in the Ice Age used to! A few took inspiration from the scenery, drawing the ducks on the river and sculpting animals like rabbits and butterflies.

Throughout the day the groups alternated round each of the activities, finishing just in time for a quick look at the museum and gift shop, before heading off home. Our first trip to Creswell Crags had been enjoyed by everyone and we can’t wait to visit again!!


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