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Cadbury World 2020!

Who’s up for chocolate?

On Sunday Phab Nottingham set off to Cadbury World for a trip that was sure to guarantee fun, laughter and of course, chocolate. We tucked into our lunches when we arrived and replenished our energy ready for an exciting afternoon. Right from cocoa beans to our tummys we followed the journey that our delicious Dairy Milk takes; we travelled back in time to Victorian Bull Street where the Cadbury Business began, we found out how our Cadbury favourites are made and we even watched some wonderful chocolatiers demonstrate some of their traditional chocolate making skills.

We also had a go at chocolate piping our names and chocolate tempering, not to mention posing for the camera in front of the green screen and travelling through our very own chocolate wonderland on a Cadbury Beanmobile ride! The day could only get better with a visit to the world’s biggest Cadbury shop, and of course, a few generous samples of chocolate bars along the way. Thank you so much to everybody who came on the trip, we hope you had a phabulous day. Feel free to check out some of our photos from the day below.

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