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Peak Wildlife Park

Last Sunday we visited Peak Wildlife Park! The sun was shining as we made our way there, building everyone’s excitement to get out and explore. Once we had dropped off our bags in our tipi, we began to make our way through the park in hopes of seeing as many different species as possible…

In the morning, we came face to face with a huge variety of animals from the impressive Maneless Zebras and Warty Pigs to the tiny meerkats and lemurs. We also walked through the wallaby enclosure, giving us the rare opportunity to interact with such unfamiliar animals. Just before lunch, we attended a talk on the Humboldt Penguins, where we watched them swim around while learning about their origins and why they are currently considered a vulnerable species. Armed with our new knowledge, we then made our way back to the tipi for a quick rest in the shade and some lunch.

In the afternoon, we explored even further into the park; we were able to see the Giant Rabbits, chickens and Lowland Tapirs before making our way to the largest enclosure – the polar bears! We were all captivated by them; learning about the mother, Hope, and her two sons, Nanook and Noori, how they came to be in the UK and what their personalities were like.

To end the day we visited the gift shop, with many of us choosing a refreshing ice cream to cool down after a day of exploring. As a new experience to many of our members and volunteers, Peak Wildlife is sure to become a Phab favourite – we are already looking forward to returning!


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