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Lea Green

A few weeks ago we returned to one of our favourite venues: Lea Green! It was a lovely sunny day and everyone was itching to get outdoors and take part in all the activities on offer. Once we had arrived and unloaded, we split into three groups and were led by our instructor to our first activity. 

The Red Group first tackled the Skyline and Climbing Tower. Those on the Skyline had to navigate across an elevated course consisting of tightropes and swaying steps, ending with a long zip-line back to ground level. Two Climbing Towers were also open to those who dared, with several of us making it to the top of even the fully-vertical one! 

Meanwhile the Blue Group was deep in the forest learning how to build shelters from foraged materials. They also explored further into the woods in a scavenger hunt, hoping to find objects such as ‘5 different types of leaves’ and ‘something orange’. Everyone then created works of art using their scavenged pieces. The quiet woods were very peaceful and provided the perfect way to relax alongside the more high-energy activities of the day. 

The Green Group had started on the buggies and were whizzing around the track and weaving in and out of the slalom-style cones! There was also a pursuit-style team race that brought out everyone’s competitive side. 

Throughout the day, the groups rotated around each of the activities and there was also a quick break at lunch where lots of us took advantage of the fantastic soft-play area! 

As we began to pack up and head home, we were all worn out from a day of adventure but already looking forward to being back at Lea Green next year. 


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