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Alton Towers

For our final trip of the year, we returned to our favourite destination: Alton Towers! Everyone was buzzing with excitement on the coach ride there.

Upon arrival, a light shower did little to dampen our spirits, and we split off into groups to explore the park and get on the rides. Those of us seeking a more relaxing day made our way over to CBeebies Land and enjoyed a day of fun rides and strolls in the sensory garden. Others, eager for a bit more excitement, went on to explore the rest of the park and enjoyed attractions like the Runaway Mine Train and the Congo River Rapids. And finally, our thrill-seekers headed straight for the most exhilarating rides, including Galactica and Wicker Man.

At the end of the day, we reconvened by the exit and shared our exciting experiences with each other. We made a stop at the gift shop before heading back, wrapping up yet another memorable trip to Alton Towers. Thank you all for coming along and we hope you all have a great summer - see you soon!


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