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We are a small charity promoting and encouraging people of all abilities to come together on equal terms. We organise fun activities and days out for children and young adults with disabilities from the Nottingham area between the ages of 13-18 (although we will consider applications outside of this age range on a case-by-case basis). 


Check out the Events page to see what we’ve been up to recently and what we’ve got coming up!


We offer great opportunities for children and young adults to get involved in a wide variety of exciting activities, make new friends and most importantly – have fun! We are firm believers in focussing on individuals’ abilities and helping all our participants to fulfil their potential, whilst supporting them with those things that they may be less able to do. We know that these years are crucial to a child’s development and here at Phab Nottingham we do all we can to build their independence, confidence and self-esteem to support their transition to adulthood.


Our trained student volunteers provide dedicated care and being not dissimilar in age to the children, they are able to act simultaneously as friend and carer. By holding this unique position, they build an incredible rapport with the participants, who grow to see them as both a confidant and a role-model.



Our core aims are:


  • To promote and encourage opportunities for physically and mentally disabled (our members) and nondisabled people (our volunteers) to share experiences on a genuinely equal basis, thereby contributing towards a fully inclusive society

  • To provide respite to the parents/carers of disabled children and young adults

  • To give these children and young adults opportunities to have experiences that they may not otherwise have the chance to do (whether that be for financial, logistical or other reasons)

  • To provide them with care and companionship and ensure they have a great time

  • To support them in their transition to adulthood

  • To increase awareness of disabilities (particularly among the student community) and equip able-bodied individuals with the knowledge and skills to support those who suffer from them

"Phab volunteers have helped my son greatly. Not only has he been able to leave the house to attend some great activities, but he has felt comfortable with Phab people because no one patronises him. There are few places where he feels comfortable and respected. Phab volunteers are positive role models and genuine befrienders"


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