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Magnificent Magic and White Post Farm

On Sunday we had yet another incredible Phab trip jam packed with events both on and off campus…

To kickstart the day we had disco and games hosted in Studio Live at the University of Nottingham. Kosmic Kane was fantastic at getting everyone who wanted to be involved, performing their best moves and competing in games such as musical statues.

We also had some great animal themed crafts going on with pompom animals and scratch images. Jasmine had a great time creating her masterpices!

For the second half of the morning, we had an interactive magic show which had everyone in its audience participate by sharing their magic and even saw Joe and Ciaran up at the front assisting. (Remember: ‘Only use your magic for good! Do not turn you families’ hair pink or purple!’)

After lunch in the adjacent Studio One we headed down to the coach and had a short journey to White Post Farm. Having not visited White Post since 2017, there was much excitement and anticipation.

There was SO much to explore and engage with at White Post including pigs, bunnies, guineapigs, alpacas and miniature horses in the Silver Barn; we also got to get close with many different sheep and goats when we fed them on a walk around the site. The animal encounter let us get closer still to some smaller animals including a mouse, a two day old baby goat called Cameron and a python. White Post Farm even had an aviary and a reptile hut (which made a nice escape from the cold too).

Definitely a popular favourite was White Post’s tractor safari which took us around and into the enclosure of the cows as well as up close with pigs and deer. It was amazing to see the cows up close to the trailer but know we were safely out of the way too!

All in all, another fantastic trip that was great for everyone mixing in the open air and really having the freedom to do what, when and how they wanted.


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