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Adventure at Lea Green

On Sunday we headed to one of our all-time favourite venues: Lea Green! After meeting at East Drive, we headed straight for Lea where the Lea Green instructors met us. We quickly split into three groups for the day ready to take each activity in turn. Activity sessions included: buggies and orienteering; skyline and climbing; and a scavenger hunt and environmental art session.

Buggies and Orienteering:

With single and double-passenger buggies everyone was able to get involved with laps of the circuit. Many members enjoyed racing each other while Katie instead showed everyone that slow and steady can too win the race!

Orienteering was a fantastic alternative to the buggies allowing us to take a break and stretch our legs after some speedy peddling. At every marker map reading skills were developed and the crucial stamp was obtained.

Climbing Tower and Skyline:

After being helmeted and harnessed up most groups split in half and the expert instructors set about ensuring everyone was safe while up high. Noah, Santi and Poppy were some of our climbers while Izaak and Ethan were stand out on the Skyline course! Those on Skyline also got to ride the zip-line down to ground level.

Environmental Scavenger Hunt and Nature Art:

This activity was new for everyone, and it made a really nice change to the physicality of the other activities. First, we were tasked with finding things on the forest floor that matched the requirements set by the scavenger sheet such as ‘Something round’, ‘Five different types of leaves’ and ‘Something prickly’. Next, we were challenged to make a picture of a creature that could be found in the woods with those same items (and a few extras when necessary). Everyone approached the task differently and there was some fantastic creativity!

Halfway through the day, we stopped for lunch, an event in itself at Lea Green consequence of full access to the soft play. Rue and Santi discovered the miniature zip line while Katie kept Charlie on his toes with hide and seek.

It was great to be at Lea Green for another year (and to have some beautiful weather this time round). I’m sure many of us are looking forward to being back next year.


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