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Oscar and Rosie's and Razzle Dazzle 2019!

What better way to celebrate Christmas than a Phab trip? We asked ourselves the same question! Last Sunday Phab had a fantastic day doing all sorts of things Christmas. We started off the day at Oscar and Rosie's in Nottingham Town Centre, where we all had the chance to make Pizza and pick our own toppings. Although this was a lot of fun, I think it's safe to say the best part was eating the Pizza after Oscar and Rosie's cooked it for us! As well as this, we got out loads of arts and crafts and made various things Christmas, including Christmas cards, Christmas hats, and anything else creative our members could come up with. We were certainly impressed with some of their arts and crafts skills!

In the afternoon, we got the very short (yay) coach journey back to University, where we had a room hired out for Razzle Dazzle to come in. After lunch, Razzle Dazzle brought along many pottery versions of Santa with loads of paint for us to get creative with. After some very impressively colourful Santa's were taken back to be put in the oven, some of our members watched Nativity on the projection screen, whilst others played various games. This was all before one of the best moments of the day...Santa arriving! Santa came along to say well done to all our Phab members for being so great throughout the year. Everyone received a card specifically made just for them!

We'd like to say a huge thank you to both Oscar and Rosie's and Razzle Dazzle for giving us such a great day! Oscar and Rosie's granted us the day for free, which we are so grateful for!

We hope you all have a fantastic Christmas break, and see you all in 2020! For now, enjoy some photos from the day, including some taken by one of our young leaders James!

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