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Stonebridge City Farm and Bowling

On a bright winter morning Phab set off for a fun filled day in Nottingham. Beginning with a visit to Stonebridge City Farm we were greeted by all sorts of animals big and small! First we had a cuddle with some of the littler animals, getting to see rabbits and guinea pigs right on our laps and after that we went to see what else Stonebridge had to offer, encountering pigs, sheep, goats, chickens and even horses who all had big appetites and were very friendly!

After lunch we headed into the city centre to try our hand at bowling. The games were competitive and many of our members and volunteers alike showed promise, however it was all in good fun and a great time was had by all. Those who had finished bowling even headed over to the arcade where we had a go at classic games such as Whack a Mole and the dance mats!

We had a great day and as always, thanks to all our members and volunteers for making it so much fun!

To see pictures from the day click here.

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