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Magna and Bowling

On a very chilly Sunday morning, Phab Nottingham took a trip to Magna. Where we explored the wonders of science through the four elements- AIR, WATER, EARTH and FIRE! The kids roamed around the former steel mill exploring the four pavilions. First we headed below ground to the Earth pavilion which was filled with chunky hands on games and attractions. The kids experienced real life JCBs to control, hoppers and buckets to race and fill, and a quarry to explode. Next we explored the water pavilion, where there was lots of 'soaking fun' to be had. There were water pistils, huge water wheels, fountains and boats. The kids loved splashing around in the water, no one managed to leave the water room dry! We then headed to the blazing Fire pavilion, which was the perfect place to dry off after the fun of the waves in the water pavilion. Here the kids were mesmerized by the five metre fire tornado and the electromagnetic crane. Finally the we headed high up onto the Air Pavilion. In this pavilion the kids learnt how air can create forces, motion and sounds, through exciting hands on air-themed activities. Throughout the day the kids learnt fun scientific facts about the four elements.

After lunch, we went bowling. The kids showed of their remarkable skills by beating most of the volunteers. Whilst at bowling the kids also got the chance to explore the arcade.

To see the pictures from Magna and Bowling. Click Here.

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