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Conkers 2022

It was fantastic to welcome back many of our members and volunteers, as well as saying hello to many new volunteers, last Sunday…

For our first trip of the year we had an incredible escape into nature at Conkers!

As a new venue we were all excited and you could tell; the short coach ride was filled with chatter as members and volunteers alike anticipated the adventure ahead!

Across the day, we immersed ourselves in the natural world through the sensory trail, 4D cinema and engaging exhibits. We learnt about plant cells and the growth of acorn trees; bees and other wildlife; recycling and looking out for our planet’s future as well as so much more…

Everyone loved taking the train though the forest and disappearing into the eerie tunnel. We had great fun at the Enchanted Forest play area too, especially on the slides. Sonic even made a special appearance which was a wonderful surprise!

Thankfully the weather was kind and the stormy forecast subsided by lunchtime letting us enjoy the water in kata-canoes. Louise even managed a private water cruise experience thanks to diligent crewmates! The rest of the time it was great fun racing the boats and paddling all the way to the giant locks. Thankfully nobody got too badly stuck in the canal bank’s reeds!

Tired after a packed day of exploring Conkers we piled back into the coach for a short ride home. An amazing first trip of the year and we look forward to returning to Conkers again in the future!


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