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Cadbury's World Trip!

Our return to Cadbury's World in March didn't disappoint! We followed the incredible process of the world famous Dairy Milk chocolate bar from cocoa beans to our stomachs.

To do this we were transported back in time to Victorian Bull Street, where Cadbury's was first founded. We then discovered the secrets to creating our Cadbury favourites and were lucky to see some talented chocolatiers showcase some traditional chocolate making skills.

Next we tried our hand at chocolate piping and tempering, as well as posing for photos in front of a green screen and riding the Cadbury Beanmobile through our own chocolate utopia! As our tour was coming to an end, we made sure to visit the world's largest Cadbury store where some of us bought some yummy treats. The icing on the cake to our amazing day was the very generous chocolate samples we received at the end of the day!

Thank you to everyone who joined us on our Cadbury's World trip and we hope you enjoy the photos of the day!


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