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Black Country Living Museum

On a warm spring morning Phab boarded the coach and set off to the Black Country Living Museum to take a trip back in time!

When we arrived we were amazed by the perfect model of a Victorian town and couldn't wait to explore all that was on offer! We took a scary tour of a coal mine and learned about the men who worked there, it was very dark! But we were very brave even with only dim torch light to guide the way. Next it was on to the boat tour of the caves and canals surrounding the museum, we saw how the canal tunnels were built, watched a light show in a cave and had a go at traditional methods of pushing the boat through the tunnels!

After lunch it was time to go back to school but not as we know it. We tried a lesson in a Victorian school room where we learned to recite our alphabet backwards and forwards and do our timetables, a couple of our naughtiest volunteers even got the cane! Afterwards we explored the town finding all sorts of authentic shops including a fish and chip shop, a pub and even a cinema! We also saw pigs, chickens and horses at the farm! Finally it was time for the most fun of all, a trip to the funfair. We went high in the sky on pull swings, slid round and round on the helter-skelter, tried our hand at the coconut shy and practised our fishing on the hook-a-duck!

Exhausted, we headed home but it was a great day we won't forget in a hurry.

Thank you so much to our volunteers and members who made it great day out!

If you want to see the pictures from the day, click here


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