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Cadburys World

It was Cadburys world time! For our first trip of the term we went to chocoholics' paradise. As soon as we arrived we headed to the 4d cinema for the crunchie rollercoaster. Here we met Freddo and a whole host of Cadbury characters. We all held on tight as we dived into a bowl of liquid Cadbury dairy milk and took to the skies in a Cadbury creme egg airship. Some of the children got the chance to explore the African adventure player area before heading for lunch. After lunch we headed into the main Cadburys tour where we were given lots of free chocolate! We learnt about the history of the brand it's self, as well as how chocolate is made in a fully functioning factory. First we travelled 1000 years back in time to Mexico, where we walked through the tropical rainforest. Here we discovered the origins of the cocoa bean. We then heard the inspiring story of how Cadburys world began and watched a mini theatre presentation that told us how chocolate arrived to Europe. Next we stepped into the Beanmobiles to enjoy a gentle ride through the chocolate wonderland. It was a magical journey full of familiar Cadburys characters. We then got the chance to see the chocolatiers work their magic. They demonstrated traditional chocolate-making skills by decorating everything from chocolate shoes to Easter eggs! We all tucked into a delicious warm chocolate pot, with many flavours ranging from marshmallows to poppy candy! Finally the children got to explore the humongous gift shop. Many children bought more delicious treats to take home. We had a phabulous day! Thank you to everyone who came. Click Here for all the pictures.



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