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Cadbury World 23/11/2014

It's the most wonderful time of the year... No not Christmas (although we were all feeling very festive). It was Cadbury World time! Phab Nottingham went to chocoholics' paradise. Chocolate christmas trees, chocolate crackers and even cocoa beans dressed as santa greeted us. Then the main man himself, father Christmas, came to wish us all a fun day at Cadbury World. After (thankfully) deciding that everyone had been good this year, everyone was given presents. Next we were off to the 4D chocolate experience. Moving chairs and bubbles accompanied a short film about the Cadburys mascots.

Then for the main attraction... the tour of the factory itself which would not have been complete without free chocolate (4 bars to be precise!). We learned about the history of the brand itsself, as well as how chocolate is made (see, all that chocolate was definitely needed to supply energy for all that learning we did!) Walking around the fully functioning factory, the smell of chocolate followed us. It was glorious. And, just in case we'd used up all our energy, they gave us yet more chocolate! There was just time for a look in the gift shop. How anyone found the willpower not to spend their life-savings there, I do not know!

To see photos of all the chocolatey goodness, as well as all the other bits of the day, click here


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