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Twycross Zoo 2022!

After a long break from Twycross we were finally able to return and, after just a short coach journey, we were ready to explore. We followed twisted paths to roam the zoo and finding elephants, giraffes, penguins and meerkats on our way!

We especially had fun getting to watch the zoo’s primates at play! The zoo’s conservation practices meant there were many species of monkeys and apes to watch swinging around, eating and relaxing. The Chimpanzee Eden exhibit was great for letting us watch the animals unobserved, as we ourselves found ourselves in an immersive jungle atmosphere, while the Gibbon Forest was great for getting to see different species interact with so much space and freedom.

During the afternoon we also had some great activities in the fantastic base room! We had constant music thanks to Louise and there were crafts; and ball games; and the parachute even came out as well. The room’s fully glass wall overlooking the water was perfect for letting us still feel we were getting to experience the vast outdoor space on offer at Twycross and was enjoyed by everyone during a fantastic, lively lunch break.

Despite a tiring day of walking round the zoo in the slightly chilly weather it was great to see everyone’s spirits still high on the coach ride home.

All in all, another great day getting to observe just some of the zoo’s 500 animals!


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