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Pizza and Cake Making - Virtual!

Last Sunday we had our 7th virtual event of the year where we all had a go at making pizzas and cupcakes! We split up into breakout rooms and started our day with pizza making. First, we had to stretch out our dough for the pizza base which was tricky at times but gave us a lot of laughs! Next was the tomato sauce and grated cheese and then we all chose our own different toppings. We chose a range of different pizza toppings from pepperoni, to ham, mushrooms and olives!

After the pizzas were prepped, it was time to start making the cupcakes! We carefully measured out our wet ingredients to add to our cake mixture and then gave it all a good stir. Once the mixture was ready it was time to transfer it into the cupcake cases. Most of us managed to get 10-12 cupcakes out of the mixture!

Next, both the pizzas and cupcakes went in the oven and many of us ate our pizzas for lunch!

When we all reunited after lunch we started decorating our cupcakes. It was great to see everyone being so creative with their designs! At the end of the trip we had a show and tell to see all of our creations whilst singing and dancing to music!

It was a fantastic day and we hope everyone that joined us had a Phab time! It was also great to see so many family members getting involved on this trip too! We all look forward to our next Phab trip and hopefully we'll see lots of you there!


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