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Phab Wellbeing Sessions!

Last week we were joined by the lovely Tara from Wellbeing For Kids UK for two sessions all about mental health, wellbeing and mindfulness.

Tara used animals to teach us all about the human brain. Then we got to practise meditation! We had a dance to Shake It Off by Taylor Swift to unwind and help us relax which was great fun. It was great to see everyone smiling! Once we were relaxed it was time to learn about mindfulness. Tara explained to us what a mindful walk is, using all five of our senses. We thought about what we could see, what we could smell, hear and feel, and how this can be used to relieve anxious thoughts. We also discussed mindful colouring and how it can help you to understand and process what you are feeling.

We then had a talk about our feelings and emotions. We thought about times we were angry and things we could have done to prevent this. We used a balloon to do some breathing exercises and learnt that many people tend to slow their breathing or hold their breath when concentrating so we should try to avoid doing that.

It is so important to talk about our feelings and to learn how to cope with stress or anxiety in our lives so we are very grateful to Wellbeing For Kids UK for teaching us some techniques and activities to help with our wellbeing. Thank you to everyone who came to the sessions and we hope you will benefit from everything we learnt!


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