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Our Amazing Animal World - 2nd Virtual Trip

For our second virtual event we were joined by ‘Our Amazing Animal World’. During the day we got to see lots of the animals they have at their sanctuary such as a tortoise, meerkat and skinny pig. We found out lots about each of the animals such as their names, how long they’ve had each of the animals for and how they arrived at the sanctuary! We also got to ask lots of questions about them such as what they eat and how fast they can move.

When we were not seeing the animals, we were in breakout rooms having lots of Phab fun! This included singing and dancing along to popular songs by artists such as ABBA and popular movie songs from Frozen and The Lion King. We also did an animals quiz and played games such as hangman and Pictionary. Also, we used the resource packs which were sent out and enjoyed doing arts and crafts together.

It was such a fun day, and we hope those of you who joined us had lots of fun! We can’t wait for the next trip and hope to see as many of you joining us as possible.


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