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Our 2nd Electric Umbrella Virtual Trip

For our next virtual event of the year we were again joined by the amazing Electric Umbrella.

During our day, we had a super fun and engaging session with Electric Umbrella. We played some fun games such as finding items of a certain colour and seeing who could pull the funniest face. There was also lots of singing to The Greatest Showman and Taylor Swift along with the Electric Umbrella song. We practiced our dance moves and took turns to show everyone our best moves!

After our session with Electric Umbrella, we were then put into breakout rooms to have lots of Phab fun! There was lots of singing and dancing in some of the rooms to popular songs by Taylor Swift and ABBA along with some from Frozen. There was also a musicals quiz where we had to guess the song from popular musicals such as Grease, Mamma Mia and Hairspray! Alongside this, there were lots of other fun games and even a Logo’s quiz. We also played some of our popular Phab games such as ‘where’s mickey’ and ‘guess the animal’!

At the end of the day, we finished with a performance with Electric Umbrella. During this, we did some duets and dancing competitions along with showing of all of our singing and dancing we practiced throughout the day! We sung along to songs by One Direction, Ed Sheeran and even sang and danced to Baby Shark! It was so much fun to see everyone enjoying their day and we loved our second event with Electric Umbrella.


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