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Disability Sports Coach - Virtual event

For our 5th virtual event we were joined by Disability Sports Coach! We had such a fun packed day with them, and we loved every minute of it.

Whilst in our event with Disability Sports Coach, we started with a warm-up and then practiced our ball skills by throwing a ball (or socks) in the air and catching them. We also did some running on the spot, star jumps and stretching. In the background, we had music playing which kept us energised so we could show off our best sports skills!

We spent the rest of our day having fun with Phab in lots of different breakout rooms. We got to sing and dance to some of our favourite songs, including lots of Disney songs and ABBA. There were also some fun games such as hangman, scavenger hunts, I spy and an animals memory game. We also played the pancake memory game where we took it in turns to say what we had on our pancakes and repeat what everyone else had on their pancakes! There was also some time for chatting in-between all of our fun activities and we loved finding out what everyone had been up to since the last trip.

We finished the day by all re-joining the main room and having a little sing along. It was a couple of our members birthdays that week and so we sung them all happy birthday. They got to request a song too, so we finished with a sing along to Live While We’re Young. We had such a fun day, and we can’t wait for the next virtual trip!


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