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Creation Station - Virtual Trip

For our fourth virtual trip of the year we had the pleasure of being joined by Creation Station!

For half of our day we had a session with Creation Station! First, we learnt how to make a gliding robot out of some card, tape, a straw and some string. After we made our gliding robots, we then got to decorate them and use them which we found really interesting! Next, we made slime. It was very messy, but it was worth it to play with the slime and blow bubbles with it at the end. It was so fun to make these whilst learning the science behind them too.

For the other half of our day we had ‘Fun with Phab’ in breakout rooms. There was a variety of activities in these such as dancing, singing and playing games. We danced and sung to hits by Katy Perry and Taylor Swift! For those that didn’t manage to finish the crafts in the morning session, we got to finish these in the breakout rooms too! We also had a fun time catching up with everyone and finding out how their Christmas holidays had been.


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