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Animal Disco!!!

A couple of Sundays ago we had our Fantastic Animal Disco on campus at the University of Nottingham!

As everyone arrived it was great for members and volunteers to get to mix in Studio One rather than being confined to the coach. After a little while, Kristan arrived and we could really get the day going.

With every animal that got brought out the excitement grew as each was introduced in turn. We met Oreo the rabbit (an especially fluffy favourite), Otis the Duprasi, Thistle the Tenrec, Raffy the Guinea Pig, Indie the Blue Tongued Skink Lizard and many more too.

It was great to see everyone push themselves whether that be stroking and petting the creatures to holding them or even letting a Tia (a Tarantula) chill on their knee as Joell and Joe did! After a long morning interacting and learning about all the creatures we were ready for lunch back in Studio one.

Afternoon activities saw us get creative! We started with animal pottery painting and Mr Twister’s balloon creations. We saw a blue balloon penguin and a unicorn under a rainbow as well as dogs and some favourite characters too! We were really impressed with the concentration of the painting station, and you all produced some great pieces too.

For those who weren’t feeling so crafty but looking for something a bit more hands-on we had animal themed games and activities. A game of football even broke out too to which Noah became chief cheerleader when the music came on.

As is always the case within our lovely Phab community the party grew, and we had everyone up and dancing to classics from The Lion King and Moana.

Exhausted from our disco we’d reached the end of the day but still everyone was smiling. What a fantastic way to kick-off 2023, we’ll see you all soon!


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