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Alton Towers

It was a wonderfully sunny Sunday morning when Phab boarded the coach ready for a real rollercoaster of an adventure! The highlight of the year, it was time for the annual trip to the theme park!

As we arrived the clouds began to hang heavy over us but nothing could dampen our spirits as we split into our groups and planned out the rides we wanted to go on for the day ahead. There was truly something for everyone, from the speed of Nemesis and Oblivion to the thrill of the Blade and the tranquil peace of In The Night Garden. We met familiar faces like Post Man Pat and Mr Tumble in Ceebeebies Land, fought zombies in the haunted house and tested the limits of virtual reality on Galactica! (We also fought some cheeky ducks and geese for our sandwiches during lunch time).

By the end of the day we were a little damp from both the water rides and the rain showers but we arrived back in Nottingham in time for some glorious sunshine, the perfect end to a great day!

Thanks to all our members and volunteers, we hope you have a great summer and we can't wait to see you next term!

To see the pictures from the day click here.

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