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Woodside Wildlife Park

Phab showed off its wild side at Woodside Wildlife Park in Lincolnshire. We had a toad-ally fantastic day. First we had a quick wonder round the park, catching our first glimpse of the tigers, wolves and Polly the talking parrot. The cold weather was irrelephant, with spirits high, we had an un-bee-lievable time! Then it was time for the first of 3 shows. Next we walked around the park, seeing the hawks and owls. It was a hoot!

A highlight of the trip was seeing the big cats being fed. Hearing from the zoo keepers with animal-training koalifications about how the lynx and tigers are trained was fascinating. The way in which the zoo accquired the tigers was also particularly interesting, with the tigers having gone through un-bear-able torment beforehand.

After this, we explored some more, seeing meerkats, snakes and a sloth. Then we got to hold some of the animals. Admittedly, the was panda-monium when they first brought out the tarantula for people to see, but we soon settled down to hold snakes and steve the bearded dragon.

We had such a great day at the zoo, even if our voices were horse from all the laughter during the day! We are not lion, when we say it was one of our favorite trips.

To see all the pictures from the day, click here!


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