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National Space Centre and Bowling

On a very chilly Sunday morning, Phab Nottingham took one giant leap for mankind by heading to the National Space Centre. We looked round the exhibition briefly, learning about the different planets and mythology surrounding the earth's creation. Following a 2 minute silence to mark remebrance Sunday (which must be some kind of record for longest silence in Phab's history!) we went to the Planetarium, where we made ourselves comfy to watch a film about aliens. Then we wondered around the museum, looking at the different rockets, the piece of moon and all about the Space Race of the Cold War. Each floor was in the theme of a decade, complete with era-appropriate music, psychedelic wallpaper and the various inventions of that decade.

After lunch, we went bowling. The skill shown was remarkable, with 3 strikes in a row being scored by one particularly talented bowler! We also played games and went to the arcade. After a fun, but busy day, we headed back to Nottingham.

For all the pictures from the day, click here


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