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Cadbury's World 2017!

Phab Nottingham kicked off a new academic year with an exciting, chocolate-filled adventure to Cadbury World! When we arrived, as it was so close to Halloween, there were some spooky and funny characters roaming around to greet us. We split into groups and explored the museum and Bourneville Experience to find out all the interesting history of some of our favourite chocolate. Some of us also enjoyed playing in the very cool African Adventure Play Area.


After lunch, we went on the exhibition tour. Along the way, we got the chance to learn all about how chocolate was discovered and see how chocolate is made, starting right from when it was a cocoa tree. We also played in interactive chocolate rain, and got to ride a beanmobile! The day ended with an opportunity to look around the biggest Cadbury shop in the world.


Overall, thank you to all our members and volunteers for such a great day. We look forward to seeing you all on the next trip!

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