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Alton Towers 2022!

It was incredible to finally get back to Alton Towers for one of our favourite trips and the final trip of this year!

Anticipation, despite an unfortunate weather forecast, was high from the offset carrying us though a seamless bus journey. Once arrived, we began to realise how that same forecast was to benefit us; the park was near empty! This allowed us to get swiftly through the gates and to the day of back to back rides and smiles that awaited…

Small ride group quickly settled in CBeebies Land and by mid-afternoon had left no stone unturned (in Mr Tumble’s Sensory Garden or elsewhere)! We started by getting a lay of the land on the Treetop Adventure ride scouting out all the other rides we wanted to visit. These included the Postman Pat Parcel Post, the Peter Rabbit Hippity Hop, the Octonauts rollercoaster, the In The Night Garden Boat Ride and much more.

We also got to meet so many fond characters during our day including the Teletubbies, Hey Duggee (a special favourite) and even the ocean dancers krewe who we found later in the day in Mutiny Bay and who engaged us in a near-private performance!

Meanwhile big ride group set out on a thrill-seeking adventure, starting with Nemesis! Our pulses were well and truly racing throughout the day as we put our bravery to the test on Funk ‘n’ Fly, Galactica, Wicker Man, Oblivion, Rita and THI3RTEEN. Towards the end of the day, the Smiler finally opened after being closes and so we got to experience the world’s first 14 loop rollercoaster! We then had time for one last ride - Spinball Whizzer! After walking off the dizziness we arrived back at the coach for the journey home.

It’s fair to say Alton Towers 2022 was no disappointment but had members and volunteers alike brimming with smiles start to finish. It was the perfect way to end a fantastic year and a memorable trip that will undoubtedly carry our excitement through to our return in Autumn!


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