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Electric Umbrella

On a chilly Sunday morning Phab arrived on campus to meet Electric Umbrella!

Walking into the room was a sea of noise and energy as one by one we picked up an instrument and started to play! Soon however we'd got the hang of it and we were all playing and singing as one, Mama Mia, Oh When the Saints and Hey Jude to name but a few.

After lunch it was time to get a little more technical. We had workshops in percussion, strings and orchestral instruments learning to play beats on the drums in time with the maracas; practising our guitar and ukulele skills and adding a touch of class as we learned about musical conversations between brass instruments such as the horn and trombone and string instruments like the violin and cello.

After all our hard work and fun throughout the day it was time for the final performance! Parents and family members came to see us in action and the result was brilliant!

We were so impressed with everyone's skills and have-a-go attitude and Phab clearly has some future stars in its midst!

A huge thank you to Electric Umbrella for a brilliant day and for showing us their talent and as usual thank you to our members and our volunteers for coming along.

To see pictures from the day, click here.


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