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The Sea Life Centre and Laser Tag

On a very chilly Sunday morning, we went to Birmingham Sea Life Centre. We saw over a 1000 wonderful creatures including Penguins, Jellyfish, Giant Turtles, Hammerhead Sharks and Stingrays. There were many talks held throughout the day, we learnt fun facts about the Playful Penguins, the Jawsome Sharks, the OutRAY'geous Rays and the Otterly amazing Otters! The children explored the rock pools and got the chance to touch a starfish! There was also an exciting 4D show called '20, 000 Leagues under the Sea'. Here we all learnt how litter in the ocean can affect the wildlife.

After Lunch we went to Laser Tag. The children explored the arcade and won lots of prizes!

To see all the pictures from the trip Click Here.

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