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Laser Quest and Pottery Painting

The final trip of 2014 turned out to be a cracker! Laser Tag got our day started. Competition was fierce, with people having come dressed in dark colours to avoid being seen and tactics that rival the army. "Shooting" at each other with laser guns, whilst trying to avoid being caught yourself proved harder than it looks (although some of our players were naturals!). Manouvering through the semi-lit maze was stressful business, with the threat of another phab member lurking round the corner, ready to catch you out!

Next, we went back to base at University Park, where we painted pottery. Cups, plates and animals of a wide variety were brought to life with the creative talents of our phab members! We also played games and got in the festive mood with Christmas songs and the odd bit of karaoke.

It was a lovely way to say goodbye to Phab 2014 and get excited for the new year and new trips! Thanks to everyone who came. See you all in 2015!

To see all the pictures from the day, click here


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